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Driving the Smart Building Revolution

The ways in which we operate our building space are rapidly evolving to provide better solutions for energy efficiency, occupancy wellness, and sustainability. Playing a vital role in this transition is the use of IoT. Real estate developers are looking for data-driven decision-making abilities that allow for real-time fault detection and diagnosis, identifying resource waste, and continuous optimization.

With the advancement in IoT technology, there is an infinite amount of use cases that can be deployed within a facility such as asset detection, security integration, visitor management, air quality monitoring, leak detection, waste management monitoring, etc. The critical challenge that developers face from the onset is having no data strategy. Compounding this issue is not having the ability to view operations holistically because of numerous disparate siloed systems and databases. Our TwinWorX®️ allows for interoperability by aggregating all data into a Single Pane of Glass. TwinWorX®️ also analyzes the IoT data gathered to gain actionable insights that allow for visualization, real-time monitoring, command and control, and FDD. This creates immediate value by increasing energy savings and lowering maintenance costs by reducing downtime from unplanned maintenance disruptions.

Smart buildings are the way of the future. As IoT continues to evolve further it will become permanently entrenched in all commercial aspects. Real estate developers should take advantage of this growing trend in order to manage their portfolios in a more cost-efficient, effective, and sustainable way while complying with standards such as LEED, WELL, ASHRAE, etc. If you are interested in talking to an expert, please do not hesitate in contacting us.


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