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Our Partnership with Microsoft


A Synergy of Innovation and Excellence

At e-Magic Inc., we are proud to be in a strategic partnership with Microsoft, a collaboration that exemplifies our commitment to excellence and our dedication to staying at the leading edge of technology. It enables us to leverage Microsoft's vast resources and expertise, enhancing our ability to serve our clients with the most advanced and efficient solutions.

Expertise in
Microsoft Technologies

Azure IoT & Azure Digital Twins: Our expertise in Azure IoT and Azure Digital Twins positions us at the forefront of IoT and digital twin technologies, enabling us to deliver sophisticated, scalable, and secure solutions.


AI and Cloud Services: Leveraging advanced AI and cloud services, we transform data into actionable insights, driving efficiency and growth for our clients.

ISV Partnership

Eight Years of Collaboration: Our ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partnership with Microsoft spans over eight years, a testament to our consistent quality and innovation.

Managed Partner Status: As a Managed Partner, we engage in bi-weekly cadences with Microsoft's Business Development and Engineering teams, ensuring we are aligned with the latest advancements and best practices.

Exclusive Opportunities and Recognition

Recent Award: We are honored to be a 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist, specifically recognized for the Sustainability Changemaker Award, underlining our commitment to sustainable technology solutions.

Azure Digital Twins Private Preview: e-Magic Inc. was one of only eight companies globally invited to participate in Microsoft’s Private Preview of Azure Digital Twins in 2017, highlighting our advanced capabilities and trust in this domain.

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Our Flagship Solution

Available on Azure Marketplace: TwinWorX® is readily available in the Azure Marketplace, making it easily accessible for clients worldwide.

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Global Co-Sell Solution: This innovative solution is sold globally by Microsoft Sellers, showcasing its widespread applicability and endorsement by Microsoft.

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Featured in Microsoft Technology Centers: TwinWorX® is one of the selected partner systems featured in Microsoft Technology Centers worldwide, demonstrating its leading-edge nature and integration with Microsoft technologies.

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Explore Our Microsoft-Enhanced Solutions

Discover how our partnership with Microsoft can bring unparalleled value to your business. Contact us to explore our range of solutions powered by Microsoft technologies.

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