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Our Global Partners

Expanding Horizons, Delivering Excellence

At e-Magic Inc., our strategic partnerships with global companies and system integrators are the cornerstone of our worldwide presence and success. Collaborating with esteemed organizations such as NTT DATA, Logicalis, Plan Group, WSP, and others, we bring our innovative TwinWorX® technology to a diverse range of industries and markets globally.

The Power of Collaboration

Global Reach: Our partnerships with leading global companies enable us to extend our reach, bringing TwinWorX® technology to clients around the world.

Industry Expertise: These collaborations harness the industry-specific expertise of our partners, ensuring our solutions are finely tuned to meet the unique demands of different sectors.

Joint Solution Delivery: Working together with our partners, we deliver integrated, comprehensive solutions that drive digital transformation and operational efficiency for our clients.

Strategic Growth and Innovation

Market Expansion: These partnerships are pivotal in our strategy for market expansion, allowing us to penetrate new markets and explore new opportunities.

Innovation Through Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaborative innovation. These partnerships not only expand our reach but also enrich our technology and solutions with diverse insights and expertise.

Impact Across Industries

Together with our partners, we bring TwinWorX® technology to a wide array of industries, from manufacturing and energy to healthcare and smart cities. This cross-industry impact demonstrates the versatility and scalability of our solutions.

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We are always looking to expand our network of partners. Partnering with e-Magic Inc. offers you the opportunity to:

Reach New Markets: Leverage our global presence to expand your business into new markets.

Enable Digital Transformation: Utilize our TwinWorX® technology to offer state-of-the-art digital twin solutions to your clients.

Grow Together: Collaborate on joint ventures and projects, benefiting from shared expertise and resources.

Become a Part of Our Success Story

Whether you're looking to enhance your current offerings or expand into new territories, partnering with e-Magic Inc. opens a world of possibilities. Join us in our mission to drive innovation and excellence across the globe.

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