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e-Magic Guyana

e-Magic is leading Guyana into a tech-forward, sustainable era. With our Digital Twins platform, we're revolutionizing energy, industry, and healthcare, driving national development with technology that makes a real difference in people's lives, today and tomorrow.

e-Magic Guyana

At e-Magic, we're passionate about using our cutting-edge TwinWorX® Digital Twin solutions to spark a digital transformation in Guyana, championing a new era of growth that's both innovative and sustainable. Our work in Guyana spans vital sectors from infrastructure and economic diversification to environmental conservation, agriculture, and the digital empowerment of communities. As Guyana positions itself as a key player on the global energy stage, we're here to ensure that technological advancement is at the heart of its national development strategy.


In this time of remarkable economic expansion, driven by recent oil and gas discoveries, e-Magic is more than a technology provider; we're a partner in building a resilient future. Our initiatives aim to tackle climate change, champion renewable energy, and foster a more inclusive economy. Beyond infrastructure, our technology is crucial in enhancing education and healthcare services, improving life across the Guyanese community.


Working hand-in-hand with local stakeholders, e-Magic is committed to using Guyana's abundant resources judiciously, paving the way for a future where innovation leads to sustainable progress for all sectors. Our journey is one of collaboration, innovation, and resilience, striving to leave a lasting impact on the nation and its people. Join us as we turn these ambitions into reality, one digital solution at a time.

e-Magic recently announced the successful renewal of our Local Content Certificate in Guyana, marking a continuous commitment to the region's rapidly growing oil and gas sector. In accordance with Section 6(2) of the Local Content Act, this renewal underscores our dedication to contributing positively to the local economy and the oil and gas industry at large. We are keen on strengthening our ties with existing partners and are open to forging new alliances as we navigate this journey together.

Customers we serve

Adoption of Digital Twins in Oil and Gas


Revolutionizing Oil & Gas: The Power of Digital Twins and IoT Monitoring

In the ever-evolving landscape of the oil and gas industry, technological innovation isn't just a benefit; it's a necessity. At e-Magic, we stand at the forefront of this revolution, harnessing the potential of IoT technology and digital twins with our TwinWorX® software to drive environmental monitoring, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance to new heights.

Precision Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance

Our suite of IoT sensors delivers real-time data for critical parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and turbidity. By integrating this data into a comprehensive digital twin model, we enable operators to simulate scenarios, anticipate issues, and take proactive measures. This not only preserves water quality but also detects leaks and prevents potential environmental hazards, protecting both resources and revenues.

A New Era of Environmental Stewardship

Advanced sensors within our ecosystem extend beyond basic measurements, capturing acoustic, air, and treated wastewater discharge emissions. In synergy with our digital twin models, we can simulate the environmental dispersion of emissions, providing a clear picture of impact and aiding in strategic decision-making that prioritizes sustainability.

Emergency Readiness and Response

The ability to respond quickly to environmental threats is paramount. Our IoT sensors are vigilant sentinels, detecting anomalies and triggering emergency response protocols when chemical spills, gas leaks, or radiation levels rise beyond the norm. TwinWorX® is the command center, simulating outcomes and directing remediation efforts to minimize risk and environmental impact efficiently.

Decision-Making Empowered by Digital Twins

e-Magic recognizes the growing adoption of digital twins in the oil and gas sector as a crucial tool for extending asset life and optimizing operations. Our TwinWorX® platform brings this capability to your fingertips, allowing the testing of what-if scenarios and risk simulations through virtual environments, leading to informed decisions that enhance safety and operational excellence.

Real-Time Asset Management

TwinWorX® creates a dynamic virtual model of production assets, fed by a network of IoT sensors. This living model is constantly monitored and updated, allowing for the integration of standards from API and ASTM for compliance and safety. Alerts and notifications keep you ahead of the curve, ensuring quick response to any deviations.

Harnessing Microsoft Azure for Scalability and Security

Built on the robust Microsoft Azure platform, TwinWorX® ensures the scalability, security, and disaster recovery capabilities your projects demand. We're not just prepared for today's challenges but are ready for the future's opportunities.

The e-Magic Commitment

As we navigate the path of technological progress, our commitment remains steadfast: to equip the oil and gas industry with tools that not only solve today's challenges but also pave the way for a future of innovation and sustainability. With TwinWorX®, e-Magic is setting a new standard for the industry, ensuring a competitive edge through smart, connected, and sustainable operations.

Walking Under Gas Pipes

Unlocking Guyana's Potential with Digital Twins

In Guyana, where unique challenges meet unparalleled opportunities, e-Magic introduces TwinWorX® Digital Twin Solutions, tailor-made to navigate the country's distinctive socio-economic and environmental terrain. By leveraging sophisticated simulations, insightful analysis, and vigilant real-time monitoring, we're not just addressing current needs; we're shaping the future.


Our technology is a game-changer for enhancing infrastructure, catalyzing economic diversification beyond oil, championing environmental preservation, and closing the digital divide. It's about more than just advancement; it's about empowering Guyana to achieve sustainable growth and fully realize its potential.

Infrastructure and Economic Diversification

Fostering Guyana's Future
with Digital Twin Excellence


At e-Magic, we're excited to play a pivotal role in Guyana's path to a dynamic and diversified economy. Our TwinWorX® digital twin solutions are redefining the landscape of infrastructure management and economic diversification, aligning perfectly with Guyana's surge in economic growth fueled by its thriving oil sector.

Transforming Infrastructure for a Brighter Tomorrow: As Guyana embarks on significant infrastructure advancements, our digital twin technology emerges as a key player. By mirroring physical assets in a digital realm, we empower decision-makers to visualize the future, simulate outcomes, and make choices that lead to more sustainable and efficient projects.

Empowering Economic Expansion Beyond Oil: Our innovative solutions extend their reach across various sectors, supporting Guyana's ambitions to diversify its economy. From agriculture to tourism, e-Magic's technology is a catalyst for growth, driving the nation towards a less oil-dependent and more balanced economic future.

Uniting with Global Visionaries: Our work complements the global effort to uplift Guyana, aligning with initiatives from the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank aimed at enhancing infrastructure and broadening economic prospects. By joining forces, we're not just lowering barriers for Guyanese exporters but also paving the way for entry into exciting new markets.

Health Services


e-Magic's implementation at Corner Brook Hospital marries HVAC, lighting, and clinical systems for a unified, patient-focused environment.

Transforming Healthcare in Guyana with Digital Twin Technology


e-Magic is dedicated to enhancing Guyana’s healthcare landscape, addressing its unique challenges with our groundbreaking TwinWorX® Digital Twin Solutions. We’re here to bring a new level of efficiency and effectiveness to healthcare services, aiming to set new benchmarks in patient care and operational excellence across the nation.

Streamlining Hospital Efficiency for Better Care: Our technology transforms healthcare facilities into virtual models, allowing for the simulation and optimization of everything from patient flow to emergency responses. This innovative approach helps streamline operations, cut down wait times, and elevate the quality of care provided.

Expanding Healthcare Reach to Every Corner: Through precise, data-driven planning enabled by digital twins, we’re committed to ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible even in the most remote areas of Guyana. Our goal is to close the accessibility gap, making sure every community receives the care it needs.

Smart Resource Allocation for Optimal Care: Leveraging digital twins for resource management transforms how medical supplies and equipment are forecasted and utilized, guaranteeing that essential healthcare resources are always at the ready, optimizing service delivery and patient care continuity.


Empowering Healthcare Professionals with Virtual Training: Beyond infrastructure and logistics, e-Magic’s solutions enrich medical staff training. By simulating real-life medical scenarios virtually, we provide invaluable hands-on experience, enhancing the skills vital for elevating patient care standards and outcomes.

Digital Divide and ICT Development

Connecting Guyana: Bridging the Digital Divide with e-Magic’s Technology


e-Magic is passionately working hand-in-hand with Guyana's efforts to become a knowledge-rich society, particularly focusing on bridging the digital gap that separates remote and indigenous communities from the rest of the world. Our state-of-the-art technology is the key to unlocking equal opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

Elevating ICT in Guyana: Our innovative solutions perfectly complement Guyana’s ambitious ICT program, which, with the help of the UNDP and the Office of the Prime Minister, is setting up over 200 ICT hubs. These hubs aren’t just about internet connectivity; they’re gateways to e-government services, educational materials, and a world of opportunities, promoting community empowerment and social inclusion.

Fostering Growth Through Digital Access: Enhancing internet connectivity and digital services means more than just online access; it's about opening doors to essential information, government services, and educational opportunities. This transformation is especially pivotal for indigenous communities, creating pathways to participation and growth that were previously unimaginable.

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