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Energy Management

TwinWorX®: the Digital Twins solution for Energy

Extend asset life, increase utilization and optimize operational efficiencies with a Single Pane of Glass that provides actionable insights and decision making intelligence about your infrastructure assets.

Measuring and Benchmarking  Energy Performance

Understanding and optimizing energy performance is a critical step towards sustainability and cost savings. To effectively measure and benchmark your energy performance, it’s essential to:


Gather Comprehensive Energy Data: Collect and analyze data on energy consumption, generation, and efficiency. This data can be sourced from various channels, including utility bills, smart meters, sub-meters, sensors, and building management systems. This extensive data collection provides a detailed understanding of your energy usage patterns.


Calculate Key Energy Performance Metrics: Report on vital energy performance metrics like energy use intensity (EUI), energy cost index (ECI), energy star score, and net zero energy status. These metrics offer insights into your building's energy efficiency compared to similar buildings and industry standards.


Benchmark Against Industry Standards: Compare your portfolio’s energy performance with similar properties and standards. This benchmarking is crucial for understanding where you stand in terms of energy efficiency and where improvements can be made.

Using Your Data to Drive Improvement and Innovation

Once you've measured and benchmarked your energy performance and environmental impact, this data becomes a powerful tool to:


Identify Improvement Areas and Set Targets: Pinpoint areas for energy efficiency improvements and establish realistic, achievable goals.


Target Opportunities for Energy Savings: Look for specific opportunities to reduce energy consumption and implement strategies to achieve these savings.


Implement and Monitor Improvement Actions: Utilize proven systems and approaches, like the ISO 50001 standard, to guide your improvement actions. A robust Energy Information System along with Fault Detection & Diagnostics can significantly assist in this process, ensuring effective implementation and monitoring.


Track Progress with Advanced Measurement & Verification (M&V): Move beyond traditional methods of energy measurement. Employ an EIS for accurate and reliable measurement and verification. The EIS becomes the foundation for true M&V, planning, measuring, collecting, and analyzing data to verify and report energy savings from implemented energy conservation measures (ECMs).

How TwinWorX® Advances Energy Reduction Goals

In the quest for sustainable operations, energy reduction stands as a paramount objective. TwinWorX® plays a crucial role in this arena by transforming energy management into an intelligent, data-driven process. Here's how TwinWorX® propels your energy reduction goals forward:


Real-time Energy Monitoring: TwinWorX® provides continuous monitoring of energy consumption across your facilities. This granular visibility into energy usage patterns enables precise identification of inefficiencies and anomalies.


Intelligent Analytics for Energy Optimization: Leveraging advanced analytics, TwinWorX® analyzes energy data to uncover optimization opportunities. It helps in identifying areas where energy is being overused and suggests measures for reduction without compromising operational efficiency.


Predictive Maintenance and Efficiency: By predicting equipment failures and maintenance needs, TwinWorX® prevents energy wastage due to inefficient machinery. Predictive analytics ensure that all equipment operates at peak efficiency, thereby reducing unnecessary energy consumption.


Customizable Energy Reduction Strategies: TwinWorX® empowers you to develop and implement tailored energy reduction strategies. Whether it's through adjusting HVAC settings, optimizing lighting systems, or retrofitting equipment, TwinWorX® guides these initiatives with data-backed insights.


Sustainability Benchmarking and Goal Setting: TwinWorX® helps set realistic energy reduction targets based on industry benchmarks and historical data. It tracks progress against these goals, offering insights into the effectiveness of implemented strategies.


Integration with Renewable Energy Sources: TwinWorX® facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources into your energy mix. It optimizes the use of renewables, balancing them with traditional energy sources to maximize efficiency and minimize carbon footprint.


Compliance and Reporting: With TwinWorX®, you can effortlessly comply with regulatory standards and reporting requirements related to energy consumption. It provides comprehensive reports and analytics that demonstrate your commitment to energy reduction and sustainability.


Employee Engagement and Behavior Change: TwinWorX® can be used to drive employee engagement in energy-saving practices. By providing accessible data and insights, it encourages a culture of energy consciousness and shared responsibility among staff.

TwinWorX® Digital Twins for
Smart Energy

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Embrace the Future of Energy Management with TwinWorX®

By leveraging TwinWorX®, you're not just reducing energy consumption; you're embracing a future where energy efficiency and sustainability are seamlessly integrated into every aspect of your operations. Discover how TwinWorX® can be the catalyst in your journey towards a more energy-efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective future.

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