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Smart Building Technology is Rapidly Evolving

Smart building technology is rapidly evolving, and the latest generation of Building Intelligence platforms significantly expands the capabilities and potential of ones developed earlier. e-Magic is an industry leader in smart building technology and is leading the industry shift towards digital twin platforms. A digital twin is a virtual representation of physical environments (like a factory floor, a building, a campus, a city, or a country) that allows assets to be, operated, managed, and optimized more efficiently at scale.

The TwinWorX® Digital Twin platform introduces critical advancements in superior technology built on the foundation of e-Magic’s 35+ years of best practices and expertise with building systems.  The nature of this platform offers configurability, scalability, and extensibility to meet the needs of today and in the future.

Our software is built with Microsoft Azure native services including IoTHub, Azure Digital Twins, Azure Machine Learning, and other Azure services. For our customers, Azure provides a multi-layered security platform from the edge devices to the cloud, with built-in controls that use machine learning, behavioural analytics and application-based intelligence to surface insights and detect threats early.


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