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Smart Building Technologies

Smart building technologies help building owners and operators balance conflicting objectives; however, for many real estate owners and operators, fault detection requires making judgment calls based on incomplete data often piecing together spreadsheets, maintenance logs, utility bills, and other data from equipment level sources and site observations.

TwinWorX ® Insights uses human expertise, rules, ML, and AI-based analytics to watch over your buildings, facilities, and equipment in order to detect, diagnose, predict, advise, and optimize performance. FDD enables owners to:

  1. Prioritize faults based on costs

  2. Provide cause of faults

  3. Minimize downtime

  4. Increase safety

  5. Reduce operation costs

  6. Reduce energy consumption

  7. Improve building performance

e-Magic’s solutions allow clients to engage in a proactive approach to facility, asset, and infrastructure management which results in a simplified operation, enhanced execution, improved efficiencies, and reduced overall costs.


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