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IoT Operations in 2030

A new report from Transforma Insights and 6GWorld has shown that IoT operations in 2030 will save more than eight times the energy they consume, amounting to net savings of 230 billion cubic meters of water and eliminating one gigaton of CO2 emissions.

In terms of electricity, the report found that IoT solutions will reduce electricity consumption by more than 1.6 petawatt-hours (PWh), enough electricity to support more than 136.5 million homes’ energy use for one year.

Our TwinWorX platform allows the decision-makers to gain a deeper understanding of their building ecosystem through actionable insights such as real-time sensor data from core systems such as HVAC, data about the assets, and fault detection and diagnostics.

Additionally, this application is scalable to not only address a single building but built to address developers with large portfolios of buildings worldwide which allows for the effective managing and optimization of real-estate assets.

Source: Transforma Insights and 6GWorld


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