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A Platform that can Teach!

The TwinWorX digital twin platform provides a unique opportunity for educational institutions to bolster programs that teach topics like facilities management, data science, and sustainability. With access to digital twins, teachers and students can analyze data and garner insights from real-world systems, and use cases to support their learning or research. e-Magic can create learning environments that mirror live digital twin environments to provide a unique and hands-on learning experience.

The TwinWorX solution includes a Single Pane of Glass view of operations that can span multiple buildings, building systems, asset types, and IoT devices gathering all types of data. Students can learn about operational monitoring across different building environments and simulate system changes to see the impact on building performance.

TwinWorX® digital twin platform utilizes many technologies that students can work with to gain practical experience in areas such as Microsoft Azure, IoT, system integration, cybersecurity, digital twin modeling, analytics, artificial intelligence, etc.

By creating a centralized view of many different systems and data sources, digital twins enable a greater understanding of the many factors contributing to carbon emissions and energy use in an organization. Academic staff and students can learn how analytics and machine learning can be leveraged for decarbonization, energy optimization, and making operational improvements to support sustainability programs. Digital twins also provide the capability to build models for simulations, scenario planning, and prediction.


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