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Webinar : Cost-Effective IoT Solutions

IoT solutions should work out of the box, supporting your business with insights that help you make better decisions. In this webinar, e-Magic and Microshare discuss how they partnered with Microsoft on IoT EZ: a program that supports creating insightful, easy-to-deploy, cost-effective IoT solutions for customers who want to run a simple, short-term trial without all the hassle of piecing together devices, data, and dashboards.

In this webinar, you can learn: • Why organizations struggle with launching IoT projects • How to install a working IoT EZ solution in hours • Insights that offer a deeper understanding of how people really use your space • How the IoT EZ kit takes all the complexity out of creating a fully working IoT proof of concept that delivers value to your business

Watch the on-demand #webinar to learn more.


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