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Unlocking Data Value with Digital Twin Technology

As organizations begin to adapt to new business models, we are seeing an increasing demand for operational efficiency and control, lean production management, and the interoperability between siloed subsystems. These requirements have spurred the need for the implementation of digital twin technology. The term “Digital Twin” has become the latest industry buzz word, and with merit, according to a recent Gartner survey, 75% of organizations implementing IoT already use Digital Twins or plan to within a year.

A digital twin is much more than just a virtual representation of the real world. Building owners are equipped to monitor, visualize, control, and optimize assets in real-time. Through the learning of past and current behaviors, the digital twin is a constantly evolving digital profile of the real-world. Armed with this ability, facilities can better understand their operational needs and discover potential challenges between infrastructures that were once disconnected.

Additionally, with e-Magic’s TwinworX intuitive interfaces and dashboards, facilities are able to unlock actionable insights that allow for fault detection and diagnosis, what-if scenarios, and the simulation of various conditions that are impractical to create in real life.


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