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TwinWorX® is an officially registered trademark

We are happy to announce that TwinWorX® is an officially registered trademark in the United States of America. Our TwinWorX® name differentiates our product from everyone else’s and encapsulates our standards. It is one of our most valuable assets.

e-Magic Inc. TwinWorX® software is built on Microsoft Azure Digital Twins and other Azure native services. TwinWorX® is a scalable, secure, and high-availability platform that integrates and normalizes all telemetry data into a single platform, resulting in increased operational visibility while providing real-time and historical data for visualization, command and control, alarming, trending, reporting, analytics, optimization, ML and AI, integration with work order and other business systems.

TwinWorX® runs on-premise as well as in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and supports international standards for asset tagging, data acquisition and normalization.


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