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Modernizing the Oil and Gas Industry with Digital Twins

Many oil and gas production facilities have been in operation for decades. To keep them running for decades more, modernization through the leveraging of Digital Twins will allow operators to have the necessary insights to ensure efficient and safe operations while making informed decisions on the optimization of production and maintenance.

Once a Digital Twin of an infrastructure or production facility is created, users can instantly visualize, optimize, analyze and control any asset. Having this ability allows authorized operators to learn about the engineering content, maintenance history, operating capacities, and parameters.

Being able to monitor your entire operation unlocks actionable insights such as being able to model drilling and extractions, gather real-time data from sensors to evaluate assets, detect early signs of equipment failure, and eliminate the risk of missing asset data.

With the continual advancement in Digital Twin technology, companies adopting it within their infrastructure can ensure they create a long-lasting competitive advantage. Our TwinWorX system is built on the Microsoft Azure platform, which ensures that your project achieves the needed scalability, security, and disaster recovery thereby meeting all current & future requirements.


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