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Meet Decarbonization goals with Energy Management and FDD

One of the primary critical resources in any business is energy. With rising costs, volatility, increased demand, and strict enforcement of government policies, many organizations need a smart way of monitoring, controlling, and saving energy. Often, organizations do not have the capability to monitor energy usage, and if they do it often ends up in silos of data.

e-Magic’s Energy Management supports decarbonization efforts by providing baseline metrics, meter and energy monitoring, and analytical insights. These tools can help your organization to measure its energy use patterns across your entire portfolio of buildings, set targets for improvement, identify waste and opportunities for savings as well as measure the impact of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s).

Having the ability to visualize energy usage is just the first step in reducing your energy footprint. Being able to see how assets and equipment in your building or facility are actually using the energy is integral.

Fault Detection & Diagnosis analytics (FDD) is a toolset that provides leading indicators of operational equipment performance that can help reduce energy use. FDD systems collect live data from sources like BMS systems, meters, lighting, and other systems along with control sequences and settings and applying rules-based and pattern recognition algorithms to streaming and historical data.

Beyond just raising alarms, FDD detects possible faults that can show how long a problem has been going on, whether it is mechanical or settings in nature, and what the possible impact is to downstream equipment or components. Many of these will be the source of energy waste. By providing diagnostic recommendations as well, FDD supports proactive and predictive maintenance enabling you to improve and optimize the operating performance of major equipment.

Implementing our solutions into your organization will allow for better management of energy consumption in both commercial and industrial sectors, giving you complete control of your energy data.


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