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Increase Utilization and Optimize Operational Efficiencies

As cities continue to adopt digital transformation, we have seen how the benefits of technology can help extend asset life, increase utilization and optimize operational efficiencies.

Yet, they are still many critical challenges that infrastructures face that limit their ability to incorporate smart technology. One major hurdle is the ability to obtain clean and consistent data that are often scattered across sites, systems, and people. Additionally, achieving maximum asset utilization in a large infrastructure requires a balance of optimizing performance for long asset life while keeping costs under control. By not addressing these issues, opportunities to lower energy and other operating costs may go unnoticed.

TwinWorX® software solves these issues by allowing for interoperability by aggregating all data into a Single Pane of Glass. TwinWorX® also analyzes the IoT data gathered to gain actionable insights that allow for visualization, real-time monitoring, command and control, and FDD.

What are some of the critical challenges that your organization is currently facing that are hindering that digital transformation push?


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