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Digital Twin Reduces Operational Downtime

Having a digital twin provides clients with a platform to reduce operational downtime through the optimization of their assets and being able to simulate various scenarios, helping smooth the way to better management.

TwinWorX® Explore allows for centralized monitoring and control via Single Pane of Glass. Users have the ability to monitor, visualize, control, and optimize facility operations from a dynamic dashboard configured to their role and needs. Having this ability allows for the restructuring of limited resources, addressing scheduling challenges, and pinpointing equipment failures.

Things, places, people, and processes are modeled using the Digital Twins Definition Language (DTDL) and mapped using industry-specific ontologies (e.g. RealEstateCore for smart buildings, NGSI-LD for smart cities).

Companies using TwinWorX® can realize a host of benefits and strategic value including reduced energy costs and improved energy utilization, decreased downtime from unplanned maintenance, and Improved process efficiencies and automated workflows.


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