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Can you have too much data?

Is there any truth in having too much data, is just as bad as having no data? Ideally, having data does not bring any additional value unless there is some way to analyze, optimize, and visualize the data into giving users actionable insights.

Another issue that arises is the connecting of brownfield systems with newer systems. With the advancement in IoT technologies and devices, these systems can now be retrofitted, which allows for functionality, but does not necessarily allow for interoperability. Users will now have a tremendous amount of data, but only being able to view it on specific individual platforms. There is no one size fit all approach when it comes to interoperability, consideration of things such as existing systems in place, budget, contracts with vendors, etc. all need to be factored into your approach.

Our e-Magic team can design and implement a data strategy that supports data collection, aggregation, security, governance, and analysis of data across multiple subsystems solving the problem of interoperability. We can also aggregate and normalize available data and surface reporting and insights onto a Single Pane of Glass visualization that gives the user a holistic view of the entire infrastructure.

At the end of the day, data is only valuable if it is manageable and can be analyzed and optimized into giving users actionable insights. Having this ability to make educated decisions will result in a simplified operation that leads to decreased operational costs and increased user satisfaction.


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