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Wayfinding for Facilities Operations and Management

As we find ourselves back in the built world, there is one commonality among most people, to do it in the most efficient and stress-free way possible. As companies relocate to new office buildings or reduce their physical footprint, employees can find navigating their new work environments disorienting. The same issues are prevalent in any large outdoor venue or an indoor complex facility such as a hospital, campus, airport, or shopping center.

The simplest definition of wayfinding is the process of determining your location and planning and following a route to your desired destination. By utilizing wayfinding technology, the ability to create a personalized navigational experience can be attained.

With the new norm of information being delivered on a screen, wayfinding applications that display IoT and operational data are no different. Facility managers can be presented with highly detailed maps of their environment that are both interactive and dynamic. These maps can be fully customized based on permission control. Authorized users can gain access to critical information and location on spaces and assets such as chillers, pumps, HVAC, etc. that highlight actionable insights that allow for more productive and efficient use of resources. These applications are scalable to be used in any large-scale environment that comprises multiple buildings, assets, and things. Additionally, facility managers will have access to real-time and historical data for visualization, alarming, reporting, and analytics. Having this information at your fingertips plays a crucial role in ensuring tenant comfort and safety.

Digital wayfinding provides a modern approach to indoor/outdoor navigation. Being able to present a vast amount of information on a single screen that can be easily digested for any target audience. If you are interested in creating a personalized wayfinding experience, please reach out to us!


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