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TwinWorX®Explore: Single Pane of Glass

By definition, a single pane of glass is a management console that presents data from multiple sources in a unified display. The glass, in this case, could be a computer monitor, mobile device screen, or tablet. Using a single pane of glass viewpoint will help users holistically view their facilities across disparate systems and provide unified management of all resources including wired, wireless, physical, and virtual sources. The overarching goal of this style of view is to showcase your operational data in a useful and actionable way.

Our TwinWorX® Explore visualization of IoT Information on a single pane of glass dashboard includes:

  1. An intuitive GUI that is methodically laid out and easy to navigate.

  2. A logical arrangement behind the display makes accessing real-time and historical data easy and fast.

  3. A display that can be customized and categorized to meet the end user’s specific needs.

Having this ability to view your entire facility across all systems helps users make more informed decisions in an efficient and effective manner. Visit our website to learn more about our solution offerings and start maximizing and optimizing your facility operations. 


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