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TwinWorX® Energy Management

With TwinWorX® – Energy Management, you can visualize your systems through a single pane. A single dashboard unifies real-time data from energy meters and systems along with historical trending and reporting analytics.

Accelerate decarbonization when you drive productivity, efficiency, and cost savings with dashboard features that let you:


  1. Bring all your assets, systems, and device into one platform.

  2. Get data out of silos and turn it into real-time status monitoring, performance analysis, and actionable insights.

  3. Review and respond to fault detection and diagnosis alerts and alarms.


  1. Gain 360-degree visibility of assets via a single pane that unifies information, alerts, and insights.

  2. Intuitively navigate 3D visualizations of facility geospatial information.

  3. Quickly and easily search assets, telemetry data, alarms, and insights.


  1. Command and control assets across the portfolio via bidirectional communication.

  2. Increase responsiveness by reacting to alarms and notifications.

  3. Increase service levels with proactive and predictive maintenance.


  1. Leverage past performance to predict future performance.

  2. Extend asset life with better decision-making based on historical trends and analysis.

  3. Reduce energy consumption and energy costs.

  4. Use machine learning and AI models for predictive and prescriptive insights.

  5. Conduct scenario planning and model simulations virtually.

  6. Automatically implement adjustments via closed-loop optimization.


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