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TwinWorX® – Energy Management

Organizations are prioritizing sustainability as never before, according to IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Work 2022 predictions, 90% of new facilities will deploy sustainability and smart workplace applications by 2025, and 75% of those facilities will deploy technology to reduce energy costs within the same time frame. Sustainability is a key driver for today’s manufacturers, and digital twin modeling is proving to be an effective tool in accelerating decarbonization and progressing on net-zero goals.

To accelerate decarbonization through energy management, facility managers must have enhanced visibility of their operations with accurate and reliable data across disparate systems and siloed sources including IoT devices. Once a dynamic single pane of glass has been accomplished, the ability to view energy usage patterns is now possible with a clear view of progress across your KPIs which leads to the next step in understanding how efficiently assets and equipment are performing in their environment. Analytical insights powered by TwinWorX® and historical data allow for fault detection and diagnosis of operational equipment, which can help in the development and implementation of energy conservation measures (ECMs), prevent maintenance, minimize equipment downtime and prolong the life of an asset. Additionally, clients can understand how the building and its systems are performing based on its utilization and occupancy which results in improved building comfort and safety.

TwinWorX® accelerates customers’ time to value, reduces implementation costs, and reduces project risk. The software provisions devices quickly, aggregates and processes data efficiently, and enables control effectively. Less time and money are spent engineering project-specific requirements and customers get insights and benefits faster.


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