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TwinWorX® Built On Azure Digital Twins

In TwinWorX®, things, places, people, and processes are modeled using the Digital Twins Definition Language (DTDL) and mapped using industry-specific ontologies (e.g. RealEstateCore for smart buildings, NGSI-LD for smart cities). TwinWorX® features 500+ system and equipment connectors which connect you to the built world, sensors, business systems, equipment, and other data points.

Companies using TwinWorX® can realize a host of benefits and strategic value including: • Save on Energy costs and improve energy utilization • Decrease downtime from unplanned maintenance • Reduce operational maintenance costs • Improve process efficiencies and automate workflows

By implementing a Digital Twin, your business will be well-positioned to maximize the benefits of enhanced operational capabilities. If you need help forming your digital transformation strategy, contact us.


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