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Roadblocks to Digital Transformation

With so much driving the need for change, what is preventing owners and facilities managers from moving ahead with digital transformation and innovation in building operations? Many face these common but difficult challenges:

Not having a digital transformation or data strategy – it is easy to find specific use cases to address but in isolation, they won’t have the necessary business impact that they are striving for.

Data silos – with so many devices new and old creating data, and all types of data sitting in different silos, it’s daunting to think about how to aggregate it all.

Cost – the pressure to drive down costs and increase efficiencies always has to be balanced with comfort and service levels that must be offered to customers. Similarly, unplanned disruptions from equipment failures can mean significant unexpected costs

TwinWorX digital twins solution helps businesses to eliminate these roadblocks and enable facility managers to reap the benefits of investments in IoT and digital transformation. TwinWorX is built on Azure Native Services, scalable, secure, and high availability platform that works at the Edge and in the cloud. It Integrates and normalizes all telemetry data from IoT devices, sensors, and other data points into a single database platform that allows for real-time and historical information to be surfaced up to a Single Pane of Glass view.

These connected devices, systems, and data provide capabilities for workflows, process optimization along with reporting, trending, monitoring, alarming, FDD, and predictive analytics using ML and AI. Having this holistic view of your entire operation will see significant energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and a lower operating cost.


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