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Real-Time Information Assisting With Comprehensive and Coordinated Decisions

As we face an unprecedented environmental shift creating numerous challenges such as flooding, drought, natural hazards, rising sea levels, and seismic activity, climate change has greatly influenced these metrics. Governments and international organizations such as the EPA are in need of continuous real-time information to assist in making comprehensive and coordinated decisions.

Having the ability to create a digital ecosystem allows various stakeholders to keep constant observation that allows for easier cooperation among agencies that would result in a more efficient and collaborative response to dire situations such as natural disasters.

Our TwinWorX software allows for interoperability between numerous vendors, OEMs service providers, and subsystems. Through our data connectivity and analytics processes, various agencies can optimize energy resources, enhance asset performances and provide new levels of actionable insight to improve interoperability of their infrastructure subsystems and IoT applications. Additionally, with our rule-based approach, any regulatory condition—laws, policies, standards, and agreements that will affect how the components interrelate can be incorporated. Having this collaborative approach will exponentially increase the data flow among multiple stakeholders that will reduce the information gap that stymies response efforts presently.


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