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Facilities Management Post COVID-19

As we begin to navigate the new “normal” and re-enter the work and school environments, facility managers must be able to incorporate technology to mitigate the risk of exposure and the spreading of viruses. With regard to effectively managing a building during the pandemic, the WHO recommends that schools and work places increase the ventilation rate without using recirculated air. Further to this, the adherence to social distancing and enhanced cleaning procedures should also be implemented.

To effectively make operational decisions require real-time access to multiple data sources. Unfortunately, more often than not, the data is coming from proprietary, siloed systems that do not communicate seamlessly with each other. This results in having to manually intervene with spreadsheets, emails, inefficient processes and duplicate data entry.

By having a building management system with the ability to aggregate data from multiple subsystems while providing a Single Pane of Glass that allows for the monitoring, controlling, visualizing and optimizing of assets will allow facility managers to not only increase operational efficiency, but also help in reducing the risk of exposure to viruses.


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