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Digital Twins the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry which has always been at the forefront in its use of technology is now leveraging the use of Digital Twins to ensure operators have the necessary insights to ensure efficient and safe operations while making informed decisions on the optimization of production and maintenance.

Our TwinWorX® software creates a virtual model of production assets that can be constantly monitored and updated in real-time, thanks to a network of IoT sensors feeding data on operational conditions into the digital twin. TwinWorX® additionally uses a rule-based approach where standards from both API and ASTM can be incorporated. Once a variable has been registered outside the accepted standard, an alert can be triggered and notifications sent.

With the continual advancement in Digital Twin technology, companies adopting it within their infrastructure can ensure they create a long-lasting competitive advantage. With the versatile nature of our TwinWorX® software and its ability to integrate data from multiple sources into a single pane of glass, TwinWorX® aggregates, stores, and analyses data, giving operators the ability to perform alarming, reporting, fault detection and diagnosis (FDD), predictive maintenance, and optimization.

Our system is built on the Microsoft Azure platform, which ensures that your project achieves the needed scalability, security, and disaster recovery thereby meeting all current & future requirements.


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