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Advancing sustainability through digital modeling

The growing number of enterprises pursuing sustainability goals are helping to curb climate change, but consuming fewer resources also can be good for business. More than 20 percent of companies surveyed last year said they’ve seen value from sustainability efforts in the past five years, and 40 percent expect to generate modest to significant value in the next half-decade.

Visualizing water and electricity use, controlling heating or cooling systems, and checking for energy-wasting problems from a single screen makes it easier for building operators to reach sustainability goals and lower costs. By integrating digital twins technology—which can model people, spaces, and things—with IoT sensors and machine learning, we are enabling organizations to perform those and other actions to analyze and reduce their daily use of resources. 

Our TwinWorX® solution from e-Magic gives users a centralized visualization on a single pane of glass, making it easier to monitor and control multiple assets or systems at the same time. With that visibility, energy companies can optimize generation and distribution of electricity to serve peak hours and areas, or a municipality can detect wasteful water leaks more quickly. Users can get even more immersive detail with our TwinWorX® Explore facility and asset visualizer, which provides a 3-D, video game-like experience.

Integrating data sources—including telemetry data from building equipment, systems, and IoT devices—helps achieve interoperability, simplifies steps to save energy and costs, from controlling building temperatures to adjusting the brightness of streetlights. TwinWorX® Insights, meanwhile, can use incoming data to detect and diagnose faults, notify users of predictive maintenance needs, and optimize workflows.  

The University of Colorado Boulder came to us when it wanted real-time visibility into the performance of 186 energy meters and improved energy efficiency across its campus. Additionally, the university wanted to centralize control of its energy system to improve their security, reliability, and availability. After implementing TwinWorX®, the university’s Utility and Energy Services office can now view reporting on consumption of water, steam, and electricity by 40,000 students and staff. The expandable solution also has eliminated the need for redundant hardware and software and reduce associated expenses by 25 percent.

We’re helping other customers achieve similar results in their pursuit of sustainability across the energy, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors, as well as with other smart buildings and smart infrastructure. Our solution platform also provides scalability, security, and disaster recovery for both brownfield and greenfield projects.

TwinWorX® uses advanced, reliable Intel silicon to connect with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins, Azure IoT Hub, and IoT Edge. The widely used Azure cloud and applications provide speed, security, and flexibility, and Microsoft is continuously improving and updating the platform’s capabilities. Azure Digital Twins, meanwhile, employs standardized Digital Twins Definition Language (DTDL) and works with industry-standard ontologies, such as RealEstateCore for smart buildings, NGIS-LD for smart cities, and CIM for energy grids. This eases initial deployment and supports interoperability with other twins as well as the future expansions or changes of our solution.

With technology from Intel and Microsoft, we’re able to take information from multiple, disparate systems and present them with insights from their systems and assets that weren’t previously visible on TwinWorX®. The fact we’re able to present such information in a centralized format makes for an understandable user experience that simplifies actions toward sustainability. Because of our partnership, the ever-improving Microsoft software and Intel hardware allows our solution to keep up with our customers’ needs.

Intel, Microsoft, and e-Magic are working together for a more sustainable future. Read more about TwinWorX® and watch our webinar about how digital twins technology can improve building performance.


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