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The emergence of Smart Buildings

As commercial buildings continue to grow in size and use, their complexity has also increased exponentially. These buildings must support thousands of users and subsystems in order to ensure increased tenant comfort, safety, and efficiency.

By leveraging IoT to buildings, opportunities to automate many aspects of building management are created, this allows building operators and tenants to gain actionable insights that enable them to save on operational expenses and environmental efficiency.

As buildings focus more on user experience, many use cases are being developed to give clients a holistic view. Actionable insights include real-time sensor data from core systems such as HVAC, data about the assets, and the people in the buildings, and FDD. Tenants also benefit through applications such as occupancy monitoring, room booking, and wayfinding.

Through our intuitive and robust interfaces and dashboards, building operators can easily monitor, control, optimize, visualize, and act on real-time and historical insights. Additionally, by harnessing the flexibility and capabilities of Azure IoT and Azure Digital Twins, our TwinWorX platform ensures that all brownfield or greenfield projects achieve the needed scalability, security, and disaster recovery thereby meeting all current and future requirements.


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