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Digital Twins: Why it matters?

Having the ability to holistically view a production line or even an entire city, and then be able to predict what will happen in the future can now be done with digital twin technology. In doing so, any operation can optimize their productivity, improve profitability, increase user satisfaction and reduce downtime by identifying problems ahead of time.

A digital twin is a virtual replica of physical entities such as devices, people, processes, or systems that help businesses make model-driven decisions.

The capacity for aggregating data from a physical product, system or process opens the way for numerous new use cases such as air quality control, temperature and humidity monitoring, access control, and space utilization. With the storing, aggregation, and analyzing of data, TwinWorX® enables businesses to simulate, optimize, diagnose, predict and design for different industries and applications.

By implementing a Digital Twin, your business will be well-positioned to maximize the benefits of enhanced operational capabilities. If you need help forming your digital transformation strategy, contact us.


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