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Businesses worldwide want to increase the performance and efficiency of their facilities and assets

Businesses worldwide want to increase the performance and efficiency of their facilities and assets to drive impact on their bottom line and their sustainability goals. This is particularly true for manufacturing organizations, who can have complex requirements across a diverse range of facilities, each having its own unique requirements and challenges.

Too often, these facilities are managed separately, leading to higher costs and greater inefficiencies. Confounding the problem is that many of these organizations are already generating huge amounts of data that could be used to help drive deeper and more holistic insight into their facilities management—but it often resides in different silos. This disconnect can result in not having the right data at the right time to avert wasted energy and resources, costly downtime, and interruptions to business activities. To solve this problem, our TwinWorX® software allows for centralized monitoring and control via a single pane of glass. Additionally, we achieve interoperability between subsystems through the integration of data sources, connecting things, spaces, people, and processes. The software provisions devices quickly, aggregates and processes data efficiently, and enables control effectively. Less time and money are spent engineering project-specific requirements and customers get insights and benefits faster.

TwinWorX® gives you a deeper understanding of the current status and situation of your environment by providing you real-time access to telemetry data, alerts, and alarms, along with insights, trends, KPIs, and analytics.

At the end of the day, data is only valuable if it is manageable and can be analyzed and optimized into giving users actionable insights. Having this ability to make educated decisions will result in a simplified operation that leads to decreased operational costs and increased user and client satisfaction.


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